• Brexit

    EU vote are we better in or out

    I have been contemplating this one for some time and i am still in the view that we would be better off leaving the EU but why do i belive this?

    well simply sumerised i remember the days before the EU and the uk seemed to have alot-more money and i cant remember seeing potholes to the level they are today and other public spending seems to be getting silently squeezed

    its also my personal belife that UK industry would thrive if we were to leave the EU as there would be more goverment funding avalible for grants and the posibility of reduced taxes and fuel duty however this is purly speculative, the only negative risk i can see however is workers rights could be jepourdised and other employment directives


    • how much money is sent to the EU?

    • The UK actually pays just under £250 million per a week

    • Rebates in 2015 according to goverment sectore recipts for rebate()s) totaled £4.5 Billon

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  • Warning Email scams for argos and Talk-talk

    Scam emails to be alert of, Argos and Talktalk

    There are two very convincing email scams making their rounds at the moment notably they involve two main companies "Argos" and "Talktalk"

    Its advisable not to even open any emails from these two companies just in-case its a scam also "DO-NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS" as they will most likely send you to a fake webpage that looks very real however its used to steal any information such as logins you may also inadvertently install Malware "malicious software" so the scammers can watch your every move and monitor every key you press.

    Below i have added some images of some of the fake emails to help you spot them

    Talk talk scam email

    Argos scam email - offering a prize of £500.

    If you have recived one of these emails please contact Action Fraud

  • NUC6i7KYK

    Intel Skull NUC small but built for performance NUC6i7KYK

    Intel have now built a "NUC" computer for gaming its small and the specifications look very good so far including the latest I7 processor from Intel supporting 4K HD video, Intel also seem to be bringing back the "Thunderbolt" video connector standard, meaning its able to push-out a crisper image.

    Intels own press info summarises this as
    "Be unstoppable. The redesigned Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK
    with 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics unleashes maximized performance for intense game play, digital movies, music, and editing, and heavy workloads like analytics."

  • Google chromebook challenge

    Google to offter $100,000 if they can hack a Chromebook

    Google are offering a large sum to any-one that can hack a Chrome-book in guest-mode the prize is set to be $100,000 dollars in UK money that will be £70630.20 with the current exchange rate being $1=£0.71

  • bank mistake

    Spelling mistake stopped hackers stealing $1Bn from Bangladesh

    The fraudsters miss-spelled the word "foundation" and set the recipients name as "fandation", prompting the query from Deutsche Bank.

  • Adobe flash security

    Adobe Flash player needs to be updated as an priority security holes are wider than a barn door

    Adobe has today released a patch cover the large holes in its security, this has been quite a large ongoing issue for the last few months and seems to be never-ending most users will have noticed if you watch a video or play a Flash based game, the plater will ask if your sure you want to play or activate Adobe Flash