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  • Motherboard warrington

    • The mother-board is the main component in a computer that connects all the components together such as the processor and the graphics card

  • Graphics computer warrington

    > The graphics card is used to process the video you see on the computer screen for graphics design and video editing a medium "power" graphics card would be required, however for gaming a highly powerful graphics card would be required

    ⇒ Graphics cards are not all about gaming and video editing sometimes they can be required for more than one screen to increase productivity.

  • RAM memory

    > RAM or "Random Access Memory" stores all the real-time information for the computers hardware such as documents, web-browsing and games that are open so the system can quickly access the program information

  • Gaming processor performance

    > The processor is pretty self-explanatory, it's essentially the brain of the computer it processes the programs and applications.

    > The more powerful the processor the more you can do especially for a gaming computer.

  • computer power warrington

    > The power-supply provides power to the entire system, if it's under-rated it can cause issues to the system and even damage to the computer components due to voltage drops.

  • computer cooling over-heating warrington

    > All the processing power of the CPU produces allot of heat there are a number of ways of cooling the processor as per below

    Water cooling "uses a liquid filled system with a radiator very good for gaming computers"

    Air cooling "large heat-sinks with a fan"

    Fan-less cooling "This uses electronic flow to move hot air to cool components"

    Standard heat-sink "this uses a small heat-sink and fan to cool system 'not recommended for gaming'"

  • Networking warrington

    > Used to connect your computer to the internet or network there are various types and speeds

    Wireless cards "used to connect to an existing wireless network without cables"

    RJ45 / Wired network cards "the main types are 10Mbps / 100Mbps / 1000Mbps"

    fibre-optic "this uses light to transfer data speeds up-to 10000Mbps"

  • Hard disk replacement warrington

    > The disk is used to store the operating system and also your files and data the larger the disk the more you can store, the main types available are listed below:

    Magnetic / Hard disk "uses a rotating disk and is magnetically stored.

    Solid state / SSD "similar to a USB flash disk and is faster than a Hard disk.

  • Operating system fix warrington

    > An operating system is what you see on the screen when you switch a computer on and you want to open applications or simply look at the internet with a web-browser, it also makes the system user friendly and graphical for the user.
    There are more operating systems than just Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows "most commonly used"

    Ubuntu "A version of Linux"


    I-OS "Used on Apple computers and devices"

  • Customer computer graphics warrington and manchester

    > If you're going to build a custom computer why not make it one of a kind

    ⇒ Hydro-dipping is used to add graphics to a pcs just like the above picture

    ⇒ Almost any colour can be selected

    ⇒ Lighting and extra fans can be added

    ⇒ Screens and fan speed displays can be added to some cases